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Announcement - SSBG 2018 Qingming Festival Holidays
Posted by Geoff - SSBG on 04 April 2018 03:55 PM

Please Note:

will be closed for the coming Qingming Festival holidays:

- Apr 5 (Thu) to Apr 7 (Sat): Closed for Holiday
- Apr 8 (Sun): Work

If you have an emergency we can be contacted on our hotline 800-988-1161 (MSA Customers Only)

SSBG wishes you all a Happy and Relaxing Holiday!

SSBG 清明假期安排如下:

- 4月5号(周四)至4月7号(周六):放假
- 4月8号(周日):上班


SSBG 祝您清明节踏青愉快!

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Email Gateway Upgrade
Posted by Geoff - SSBG on 27 March 2018 06:46 PM
Dear SSBG Email Customers,

Our Email Gateway has received a new security update, from now on our email users will be asked to input a password to access their Quarantine. For those that have forgotten their password for the Quarantine, we have attached a guide below which will take you step by step on how to reset your password. Please do not hesitate to contact SSBG should you have any troubles accessing your Quarantine.

You can download our PDF guide here.


SSBG Helpdesk Team

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Announcement - SSBG 2018 CNY Holiday
Posted by Geoff - SSBG on 09 February 2018 02:46 PM


Please Note:

will be closed for the coming Chinese New Year holidays:

- Feb 11 (Sun) to Feb 14 (Wed): Work
- Feb 15 (Thu) to Feb 21 (Wed): Closed for Holiday
- Feb 22 (Thu) to Feb 24 (Sat): Work

If you have an emergency we can be contacted on our hotline 800-988-1161 (MSA Customers Only)

SSBG wishes you all a Happy and Relaxing Year of the Dog!

SSBG 春节假期安排如下:

- 2月11号(周日)至2月14号(周三):上班
- 2月15号(周四)至 2月21号(周三):春节放假
- 2月22号(周四)至 2月24号(周六):上班


SSBG 祝您新春快乐!

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This week, news of massive security vulnerabilities afflicting every modern model of Intel processor went public, even as developers for practically every major platform frantically rushed to roll out fixes. Much more information has now become available about Meltdown and Spectre, a group of attack methods malicious parties could use to break into some of the most sensitive inner workings of any device using the affected CPUs.

Here’s what we know so far.

What’s the problem?

In 2017, Google’s Project Zero team in collaboration with researchers at a number of different universities identified an absolutely massive problem with speculative execution, one of the techniques employed in modern microprocessors as a way of improving performance. 

Essentially, when a processor uses speculative execution, instead of performing tasks strictly sequentially, it predicts which calculations it might need to do subsequently. It then solves them in advance and in parallel fashion. The result is that the CPU wastes some cycles performing unnecessary calculations, but performs chains of commands much faster than if it waited to process them one after the other.

However, there’s a serious flaw in the way modern processors are hardcoded to use speculative execution—they don’t check permissions correctly and leak information about speculative commands that don’t end up being run. Whoops.

See Full Article here

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Merry Christmas !
Posted by Geoff - SSBG on 18 December 2017 03:57 PM

Merry Xmas
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with happiness and fun !

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Email Settings
Posted by Geoff - SSBG on 23 November 2017 07:00 PM
Dear SSBG Email Customers,

As part of our remedy against the DDoS attacks on our email gateways this week, we will be enforcing just ONE set of standard email settings effective @ 0:00 11/24/2017. Most of you are already configured with these settings, however, there are a few that have being set up with our alternative email gateway. So if you experience any issues tomorrow morning connecting to your email, please double check your mail settings against the following:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
POP3 Port: 110
Encryption Type: None

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
SMTP Port: 25 or 587
Encryption Type: None

If you still have email connectivity issues despite having the above settings tomorrow morning, please do not hesitate to contact SSBG via our ticketing system @ or call our team on +86 (0) 21 54043999 ext 2.

Once again we apologize for the disruptions caused this week and we thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Helpdesk Team
SSBG IT Solutions

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